Online Platform for Team Sports



The key purpose of this project is to connect people willing to play football, volleyball, rugby, basketball and other sports, organize them in teams and facilitate administrative operations such as booking venues, organizing championships, etc.

Playing team sports is more enjoyable than exercising alone. They do not only help you get active and fit, they add an exciting element of competition and let you have fun while socializing. However, it’s not that easy to gather a whole team, find a venue to play in and handle all the organizational aspects. What if all these issues could be managed for you and you might simply enjoy playing your favorite sport? Voila!




This is an online collaboration platform that helps people of all ages and abilities get involved in sports. To be more precise, the website provides a convenient player, team and game management system allowing individuals to find games, places and teams to play recreational sports. It integrates all team management operations, technologies and social tools into a single application.


Key features:


  • Players. Upon sign-up, players get a profile with dashboard where they can edit their personal data, search and join teams, register for single games or series of games, etc.
  • Teams. Players are grouped in teams and each player may belong to several teams at once. Teammates can come together for a single game or series of games.
  • Merchandise. Players can purchase memberships and merchandise via the site.
  • Schedule. Players have the option to manage their availability calendar and can see the list of their scheduled games along with date, time and venue of each game.
  • Notifications. Users are sent messages about important events and reminders prior to the games.
  • Game results. Once the game is finished, the player can post a report about game results to the game details page.
  • Business portal. Sports clubs and organizations can create and manage business accounts, they also can make public profiles with their company details and videos.
  • Admins. The admin section of the website provides all necessary options for managing users, teams, venues, games, championships, etc.
  • Social media. The website is integrated with social networks and recent posts form the feed are displayed on the site.

The application is live, functioning and growing. It is available on desktop and mobile devices.


Team & Technologies


Technology stack:

  • Back-end and front-end: Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap;
  • Integrations with 3rd-party services: Intercom, Braintree, Mandrill, Shipwire, Facebook, Instagram, Wistia.


Development team:

  • Back-end development: Eugene Maslov, Dmitriy Stepanenko, Sergey Polishyuk;
  • Front-end development: Yuriy Mochalov, Stanislav Litvinov;
  • UX / UI: Alena Syvokobylska;
  • QA & testing: Alexey Lavrukhin;
  • Server configuration: Eugene Oleynikov, Oleg Kasyanov;
  • Project management: Alexander Koroid;
  • Sales: Aleksandra Lichko.


Bottom line


It’s always a pleasure to participate in the projects that help people to become healthier and happier. And this is exactly what this application is aimed for as playing team sports with friends is a great way to boost your physical and mental health.

This is a brief overview of the project, more details can be provided upon request.

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