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Sport plays a big role our lives and there are many exciting opportunities for people to take part in sports nowadays. One of them is participating in amateur sports teams, which is a great way to stay in good shape, communicate with friends and just have good time. What can make it even more fun and easy is having a mobile app to handle all the activities of a recreational sports team, such as joining team, keeping all members informed about upcoming events, storing statistics, etc. This app has successfully put this in practice.



This is an app for people participating in amateur sports competitions. Through the app, team members and sports fans can track activity of their teams and stay informed about upcoming games, results and positions in the league.

The app users can search for and choose the teams they want to follow. After selecting a team, the user gain access to the activities and statistics associated with the team, including:

  • upcoming games,
  • results of the games that this team played in,
  • ladder and position of the team in the tournament.

The app also has an admin panel that allows admins to manage various settings for the team.

The app is available in the AppStore and Google Play.


Team & Technologies

Technology stack:

  • iOS app: Objective-C, iOS SDK;
  • Android app: Java, Android SDK;
  • Back-end: Ruby on Rails.

Development team:

  • Android app development: Denis Altukhov, Sergey Verovets;
  • iOS app development: Daria Kovalenko;
  • Back-end development: Eugene Maslov;
  • UX / UI: Alena Syvokobylska;
  • QA & testing: Alexey Lavrukhin;
  • Project management: Alexander Koroid;
  • Sales: Aleksandra Lichko.

Bottom line

This is just a brief overview of the project. More details will be provided upon request.

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